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Lisa DoreyWhat types of services do you offer?

I offer a mix of healing with archangels with coaching discussions to get to the heart of the problem that is causing you the issues in your life.

What can people expect to experience?

Its different for everyone, but overall, people tell me they feel incredibly supported and peaceful.  I help them release stuff that no longer serves them. They feel lighter and better able to cope with life’s challenges. I teach them how to call on the Archangels on their own to feel instant support.

What types of benefits have past clients experienced?

Its been so wide and varied; from feeling instant clarity and being able to think clearly, others find an ability to speak their truth in a way that they have never been able to before. Sometimes we dive back in time to a traumatic event, or family patterning to heal the sadness that is still held in a cellular way in the body. I never know just what will happen, but it is always just what the client needs at that point in their life.

How can clients prepare before a session with you?

All they need to do is get somewhere quiet, where they won’t be disturbed for an hour and be willing to receive the healing.

Who do you like to work with?

Anyone who feels stuck and at a crossroads in their life.  People usually call me when they have had enough of going round in circles, feeling the same issues over and over again.

How many sessions do you suggest to start?

I have found 5 sessions to be a really good place to start.  We hold our issues in layers within the body and like an onion, we often need to peel back several layers.  I am very flexible in my approach and most important is to get people the healing they need, as quickly as possible.

Do these sessions need to be in person?

They are never in person.  I work with clients all over the world and the sessions are delivered by phone or by Skype.

Do you need to see me when we Skype?

Its totally up to the client. With Skype its sometimes nice to put a face to the name and some people like to see me when we are chatting.    Once the healing begins,  I close my eyes but people can still speak to me and ask questions all through the healing.

Can you help with relationships?

Yes – I can get to the heart of the matter and send healing to it.  I like to work on getting yourself in the best possible shape, where you heal your own self doubt, poor self esteem, or heal old relationship traumas.  I teach you to love yourself, so you are automatically  able to attract your perfect relationship.

I don’t think I could make someone fall in love with someone – everything is for the highest good.


Yes – again its usually because they don’t feel worthy of accepting abundance so we work on that…. and the abundance flows.


Yes – everything is based on fear of one kind or another. I have used these techniques to clear all sort of my own fear.


I feel a little nervous about making claims I can heal physical complaints as I very much care about managing expectations and I don’t profess to offer miracle cures to physical ailments. What I can do is help heal the beliefs and traumas held in a cellular level within the body which will all help the body to return to a more balanced place.

What do you love about this work?

I have been amazed by this journey, by the ongoing development of this gift. I love watching people make massive shifts. It is as if I can pick them up when they have fallen, and I set them back on their feet to live the rest of their life with peace and ease.

How has it changed your life?

I used to work in the corporate world as a stressed out executive. I loved what I did, but it didn’t nourish me from a soul perspective. I had no work / life balanced and became ill. Now I get to make great transformations and feel wonderful in the process.

Do clients need to be ‘spiritual’ people to get something out of your work?

No, I am able to describe what I see in the healing session. You will still receive the healing and I can put it into language that you can relate to.

Does your healing work have an effect soon after a session?

Yes.  Sometimes people feel the effect immediately.  On deeper issues, it can take a couple of days for the work on the energetic level to fully permeate the body.  Many people feel very tired or a little emotional for a day or so immediately after the healing.  It is just the body releasing what we have released energetically during the healing.  Nothing to worry about.

Are you an intuitive or a psychic?

I’m not psychic. I think I am a channel and feel guided to ask questions to get to the heart of the matter. Once the healing starts, I am just the conduit.

Do you do predictive work?

Not at all.

Do you really work with Angels?

Yes – its amazing, isn’t it?

What does Self Love mean to you and does it have a place in your work?

Self love is the basis of all that I do.  I am restoring you to the best you can be, to your authentic, original self before you took on your wounds and your limiting beliefs

How did you get into this work?

I have been a Reiki Master for many years and also practice Pranic healing.  The Angels sought me out and started to teach me themselves how to work with this light.

What do you suggest for clients to be doing inbetween sessions?

Nothing special, I just ask that people remain open and aware of the shifts that start to happen in their lives.  It is through the discussions following the healings where the next level of issues start to become unearthed, ready for the next healing.

Do you do any interpretative dream work?

No, but sometimes, people need help interpreting the emotions they experience during the healings.

If someone just doesn’t feel right but doesn’t know why, should they work with you?

I think this is where I can really help. I can unearth the issue that is causing you trouble and then send healing to it. My healing doesn’t need to be targetted at a specific audience, because it meant for everyone, and just reconnects you with the purest, healed version of you.

What does it cost to work with you per hour?

The cost of working with me goes down depending on the number of sessions that are booked.  A one off healing will cost $150 per hour.  If you book 10 sessions, the rate works out at only $90 per hour

Do you offer packages?

Yes, I have several packages – full details are on my Services page.

Do you discount the sessions if you pay for a package upfront?

Yes, my prices take this into account.

How does someone get started with you?

All they need to do is to contact me and arrange a free 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Do you do email correspondence as well?

Yes, within reason.  People sometimes need some additional support, or have a burning question that can’t wait until our next scheduled session.

Whats next for you?

I want to get this healing out to as many people as possible because I know the world needs healing right now so I am concentrating on doing this in a variety of media. As well as my 1 to 1 clients, I have published my book of healings, The Angel Stories.  My healings often come through as stories from which people will find comfort.  It is the power of metaphor that can capture the imagination and allow healing to percolate through.

What do you see your business as in 5 years?

Every day the Archangels teach me something deeper and I am loving this expanding process. I want to touch the world with this light. I feel I was prepared as a leader in my old life where I held global corporate roles, I will now just be sendng a different message.

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Brian J Temple March 23, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Hi thanks for the information on yor web site.
I sometimes think of my aims when I started out in my working life. It was to get into astronomy somehow and I achieved that fairly early ( only 6 years after starting work ). After that I had to find a job that could offer me a good wage to support a wife and maybe children. That was when I joined the Civil service! It was big shock as I had never worked in an office before or dealt with people. However I managed to survive until my retirement ( I retired as early as possible and took an offer that was too good to refuse ). Perhaps I have been very lucky or just too scared to take any risks. Being an ex-astronomer i am not very spiritually minded, i'm still searching!Whatever happens always aim for what you want and not what other people want you to do. It is your life after all and you have to live it
Al the very best in whatever you choose and the way you get there.


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