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When your life is out of balance, it can feel chaotic.

Our lives are always a mirror reflection of what is going on internally from an energetic perspective.  Hard as it may seem when its so tempting to blame the boss that was mean to us, or the latest romantic partner who treated us poorly, or some other “reason” why things have gone wrong, actually the place to look to fix things is inside of US.  Once you are centred and calm, those things that had been so upsetting before, don’t seem to affect us in the same way and our experiences do shift dramatically.  All of this, just from looking at our own internal balance.


When you are out of alignment,

you are not in touch with who you truly are.


Alignment is about being true to your inner self, your spirit, your soul – you can chose the words that feel most right for you.  When you just know there is a confident person in there, or a creative person, but they never get the chance to emerge and you feel you are living in a big grey drudge, that’s when you know you are out of alignment with who you are.


Alignment is also about being in vibrational alignment with the Universal energies flowing around you.  You will all know that the energies around us are shifting hugely.  They are making things possible that just have never been possible before.  It is really important to ground yourself into these energies and keep yourself “up to speed” so you are operating seamlessly in your energetic environment.




Returning my clients to Balance and Alignment is my passion.



I use Higher Guidance Life Coaching and other energy techniques to make easy and lasting transformations.


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Caroline May 2, 2011 at 9:18 am

You got great points there, that’s why I always love checking out your blog.


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