Connecting With Angels

I can open up infinite possibilities for you


Especially if you feel blocked or stuck.


You have dreams for a reason

and I can help lift you so they can become real.

Its just a matter of raising your own personal vibration

so it matches the life you are desiring.



If you are not living your dreams right now,

it is because you are not in vibrational alignment with your desires.

I can help you raise your vibration with high frequency energy work.

 Working with my support will fast-track you to where you want to be.

Despite what you may think, you need to be ready to move on from your stuck place.

Please read this message to make sure you are ready to work with me.



Your logical mind can’t take you any further

Its time for something different that gets results!


See what my clients say about the possibilities which have opened up for them since they began working with me.

M from Illinois wrote

“When I heard Lisa speak on a radio show, I had to call her straight away.  Everything about her – her career in the corporate world, the life of duty and responsibility she led, the heartache she endured in her marriage, which ultimately ended in a painful way, resonated so strongly with my own life. I knew I was divinely guided to find her. Lisa rose up from the ashes of her old life like a phoenix, and had the courage to create a wonderful new life for herself.

Lisa discovered her remarkable gift of healing through the light of the most highly evolved angels, and her life’s work revealed itself in the process. We were destined to work together, and I could feel my angels whispering in my ear as her words united with theirs. There is no doubt that I was led to her interview that night.

What Lisa did for me in just 10 sessions has been nothing short of miraculous.

I was in so much pain when we first spoke.  I have always been successful, with a high income, and all the luxuries one could ever want. It was my pleasure to lavish my husband and family, and I purchased several beautiful homes for us over the years, none as spectacular as the one we lived in the day he ambushed me with a divorce lawsuit. I hope whoever reads this will never have to experience the shock and betrayal of suffering cruelties at the hands of someone you thought was your friend, someone you thought would always love you. I couldn’t imagine what terrible thing I had done to deserve to have my life torn to shreds in front of my eyes. Literally everything was destroyed.  He ended our marriage, the life I built my entire adult life, my home and everything in it.  I hardly knew if I would have enough money to survive.  My attorney ex husband stopped at nothing to take as much from me as he could, freezing my bank accounts and investments, and forcing me to the brink of bankruptcy since I had no access to money to pay the lawyers and accountants. I could barely function, and it was a miracle not to lose my job. I was terrified, living with someone who looked like my husband, but who was behaving like a thief and a murderer. And yet I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone what was happening. I couldn’t believe it myself.  I’ve always been the strong one, the provider. Asking anyone for help or showing “weakness” is completely foreign to me.

Lisa was able to connect so strongly to me, it was as if she looked right into my soul. Slowly and gently the healing process began.  We’d spend half the call discussing what had come up for me and the rest of the call in a deep healing meditation where the Angels came to support me, letting me know I wasn’t on my own. It was astonishing that every single time, the angels worked through Lisa to give me exactly what I needed.

Each session was incredibly powerful, and yet so beautiful.  I looked forward to speaking with her so much.  What she has is so unlike anything I have ever experienced – not even close.

My ex-husband was so mean to me at times, I felt overwhelmed with darkness. The changes she brought about were truly miraculous.  After only a few sessions I manifested the house of my dreams, in an area I’d always wanted to live.  The legal process was difficult and drawn out, but with the Angels helping me, some of the problems just seemed to melt away.

I’d not actually even mentioned the difficulties I had had all my life with breathing, however, during one of the healings, the Angels found a past life where I had drowned and as they lifted the body from the water, my lungs began to drain and I haven’t had any problems breathing since then.  I couldn’t even believe it – it was incredible.

I only worked with Lisa for 10 sessions, but I can say that Lisa helped me navigate this crucial transition in my life with complete ease.  I could never have made this much progress so quickly and so smoothly.  She has been a blessing to me. My family and friends are astonished at how well I have adjusted to such an extreme transition after 22 years of marriage. It’s only been 90 days since my divorce was final. To this day they have no idea what I have really endured.

My wish is to give you a glimpse of the joy and healing I experienced through Lisa, that I couldn’t imagine would be possible. If you will open yourself up to her incredible gift, and trust the light that shines through her, your life will change for the better in miraculous ways. 

If you are in pain and going through a big change in your life, I can think of no one better to help you.”

A from California wrote  

“Thank you Lisa  for all your fabulous work you have done with me, and your angelic team has done for me.

As I have mentioned I have spent many years seeking “healing”.  You name it I have tried and often learned how to do it, too..  From EST to ANGELS, and in between (not in order) channelling, feng shui, tarot, runes, shamanism, guides, animal communication, dowsing, and readings from many, many intuitive’s. I was given some very wonderful past life readings that showed me metaphorical stories, but the readings fell short of any healing for the wounded me that I was.


I learned from and enjoyed all of this work, but something was missing, some personal piece of my own puzzle was missing.   One day, as often happens to me, your offer of a group of healer presentations showed up on my computer via email and voila, I found you!! 


On hindsight, gathering my story up, I can share that I was very stuck, couldn’t seem to move forward out of unhappiness, boredom, and living from my past experiences.    I signed up for 5 sessions with you and then went on for another 5.


Like peeling an onion, your team of angels unwound me slowly from so many of my stuck places, and then we went on to unravel and heal some past life experiences.  In this past life work, your angel team actually took me back to places where I had gotten stuck, emotionally and physically and took me through the story and then healed the energy, changing the story to one of healing and freedom.  As we went through these weeks my life began to shift, slowly and gently and easily. 


Today I am painting pictures, a new endeavor that has been calling to me to explore, and working with clay again in a ceramic studio. I am learning to accept a few things that might change in the future and might not, while working to make my house my home. The biggest shift has been in my riding and work with the horses, I no longer experience the strange unaccountable fear that used to accompany me all the time when I was around horses. This is HUGE! 

I feel that everyday I unstick a little more, and I am much happier being the me that I am.”

O from Texas wrote

“When I started working with you, I was in quite a bit of distress. I had more bills than I could pay, and was asking for funds almost monthly from my ex husband. I felt isolated and uncertain about my future. I had a clear goal of creating financial integrity, but no real plan about how. I did feel connected to a group of angels, and I had an immense skill set. I felt in my heart that I had some gift to unfold and give to the world. I didn’t know then what it might be. Not knowing, not being able to direct my energy or control my outcome was very uncomfortable.


I was deeply committed to homeschooling my son, which placed practical limits on my ability to go get a job in the working world. More than that, though, I also felt that going back to corporate America would be a capitulation, a surrender of my own worthwhile offering so that I could provide for my son by giving my energy to a system I despised. And in my own stubborn way, I simply refused to do what felt so wrong.


In that time frame, I set out to find resources, usually through online telesummits. I actually explored the work of nine different healers through the span of 2012- Rikka Zimmerman, Christie Marie Sheldon, Anne Taylor, Panache Desai, Mahendra Trivedi, Dain Heer, Gary Douglas, the people who produce Mind Music, and Matt Mannino. I slowed down a bit in 2013, and only added three more to my collection- Marilyn Jennett, David Breslow, and Brent Phillips. I bought a lot of online courses, attended a bunch of classes in person, did what I could to open my heart and release my limits. Aside from live classes, though, your work is the only work I did directly with the healer. The only one-on-one work I paid for at all.


From the first session I had with you, with potent imagery and deeply felt emotional responses, I knew I had found an important resource. I am deeply rooted in dreaming and story, and your imagery works on those shamanic levels. Having been through the process of making room for a greater wisdom by getting out of the way, I have a great appreciation for how thoroughly you do that in your work, how much the flow of healing light simply passes into you for translation into words.


Since we started, many transitions have occurred. My income increased, my stress decreased, and overall I feel more happy, more connected and more confident. While I am still cultivating my gift and the concurrent cash flow, I find myself unafraid of the changes before me, and very willing to speak my truth and share with others. I met with a potential client recently, and in less than half an hour of conversation, he affirmed that he trusted me and wanted to work with me, saying that, “You have something I want.” I believe he was referring to the lightness with which I approach almost every moment.


I have found myself able to embrace new levels of uncertainty with a great deal of equanimity and inner peace. I’ve learned that what I actually need is very little, and I can choose to be happy in almost any circumstance. Yesterday my car broke, and the bill for repair was $850. It would have been a great shock and trauma last year. Instead, I was able to take it quite well in stride. There are new levels of resource in my life. I sold a real estate property that I had been renting out. I found being a landlord extremely annoying, and was happy to be rid of it. I now have a savings account with a significant amount of money in it for the first time in my life. Overall, I have no debts and my expenses are less than my income, although that means sharing space with others, for now.


My ability to relate to others has dramatically improved. My communication had clarified and softened, and my compassion has blossomed and so has my self awareness. My connection with my guides and angels has deepened in unexpected ways. I am currently sharing my space with four angels, who’ve come to me one by one over the last year or so- Raziel, Hamaliel, Metatron, and just last night, Camael. I have brought two new healing modalities into being in the last six months. My energy transmissions have deepened into something richer and more complex than I could have imagined. In particular, I believe that the time we shared overlapping healing circles, and then the time that I participated in your daily angel visions were points of particular acceleration for me.


My reality now is filled with joy and optimism. I haven’t solved all my problems. But I don’t mind. I feel connected to myself and to my loved ones, I feel present and willing to attend to whatever seems the best place for my attention at the moment. I rarely feel the need to worry. There’s very little that I find difficult or scary. I feel at peace observing my state, whether in fits of frustration or bliss. I feel confident that my best interests are being seen to by a loving and wise universe. I experience very little struggle or resistance. I see others in states of stress and worry all the time. I find I can accept their process with equanimity, knowing that they are just as held and cared for by the universe as I am.

While the details of my future remain obscure to me, I do believe that I will continue to expand financially, to share my work and ideas with others, and write at least two books. I’m looking into what it takes to make my new name legal. I have a strong inspiration for a series of large sculptures, utilizing stained glass and selenite crystal in steel and wood frames. I feel a change coming for my website, perhaps overdue. I imagine finding another enthusiastic client and feeling comfortable renting a home again.”


The Angels work through me and they can raise your vibration

so that your heart’s desire can flow to you easily and effortlessly.


Through Angelic guidance, healing, attunements and support

You will rediscover the real, authentic you

You will remember how to play and lead a joy-filled life

You will find beauty in everything around you



Angelic Transformation is magical, beautiful, subtle and powerful.

Harnessing the energy from the Angels,

the magic of the stars and

the power of the Earth,

Real miracles spring to life.

I am privileged to do such work and count my blessings every day!



Visual Reiki Healing

You are safe in my hands.


Working with me will restore your sense of flow.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you further


Find out more about my packages here


“…….I appreciate your work immensely, it is just what I have been searching for, for a long time. What I feel is different with your work is that it does not just bring up an issue but resolves it. I cannot believe how accurate the angels are, and your interpretation of their messages to you for me. Just spot on!”


……”Lisa’s gift is her Presence.  Her skills are well honed and her ability to gently go deep and wide has enabled me to release patterns that repeatedly have caused me pain and suffering and truly own my value.  Working with Lisa has expanded my capacity to give and receive love – in addition to offering me new ways I can work with my clients.  Lisa you are an Angel in my life.”


…..This was a very symbolic experience for me as I was in a huge transition phase where I needed to leave behind many parts of my life that no longer served me. Lisa helped me to see that I needed to weed out the old which was effectively choking me in order to make room for new beginnings……


……. I felt very calm and peaceful, and profoundly cared for. The images and visions that Lisa was describing to me were very very real to me too. She has a remarkable intuitive sense from which I have been able to draw upon, and spring from. …….

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